Frequently Asked Questions - on icecharts

The ice charts are updated every weekday and latest product should be available from 1500 PM.

Several earth observing satellites such as Radarsat-2, MODIS, NOAA, METOP etc... See "documentation" for more details.

Satellite images requires interpretation and good knowledge of what are the limitations of the satellite sensor. So, yes, the icecharts should be considered as more accurate than satellite images.

WMO (World Meteorological Organization) has, together with the sea ice community, published standards for icecharts. These standars are used by all ice centers. For more information see: sea ice nomenclature and colour coding.

The ice analysts at Norwegian Sea Ice Service work per today only monday to friday. Atomatic satellite analysis are prodced outside normal working hours and is available from the "Main page" This is only a supplement to the regular ice charts and may contain errors due to other physical parameters affecting the satellite signal

Yes, icecharts can be accessed by email: send a request to

MET Norway are running several sea ice models with different coverage and reesolution. A continues work is ongoing to improve the models. Please contact the ice servide for more information.